Email Autopilot

Would you like to?

Increase Sales

Increase sales conversion rates AND eliminate price-matching

Eliminate Cancellations

Eliminate cancellations during the cooling off period

Have Excellent Reviews

Capture excellent reviews and feedback

Generate Referrals

Generate high-profit referrals

Get Your Life Back

Get your life back on track instead of trying to do everything yourself

Increase Profit

Generate more sales with greater profit margins

All without lifting a finger?

That’s what Sunfluence’s Email Autopilot does for your business.

Ask Yourself

  • Are you sick and tired of being a decent solar business yet being undercut by cheap and nasty sharks, shonks and cowboys?
  • Do you waste money on buying leads that don’t convert often enough, or that you don’t have time to get back to?
  • Do you get undercut by other “race to the bottom” companies that drive your margins down or that you lose sales to? 
  • Do you get royally frustrated wasting hours of time or money trying to be all things in your business and learn new skills that you’ll never be able to master like IT or marketing?
    • And that just takes you further away from what you’re good at and should be focusing on and you feel like you’re spinning your wheels?
We have all had it with price dropping and matching, low quality products, installers that cut corners, and customers left high and dry. We are all sick of dodgy solar that gives the industry a bad name!

Let us help you end those feelings of frustration, being alone, in pain and struggling,  trying to achieve your dreams through your solar business.

We help small to medium solar companies compete with businesses 10 times their size to nurture, retain and win more customers.

Solar Autopilot is an automated and customisable email series based on 38 years of solar experience, containing independent 3rd party content that is relevant and original. It contains forms for customers to refer friends, leave feedback and reviews. It’s cost effective and best of all comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.


30 Days Money Back


Your Solution

We do this by helping you:

We could teach you how to implement everything you need to become a super-profitable solar retailer. 

But that’d be a huge amount of effort for you (and for us). And then you’d still have to implement it, which is the most effort of all

Instead, we’ve implemented it all inside one platform that we activate for your business. So you don’t have to lift a finger. 

We help you Nurture, Retain and Win more customers again and again.

  • Avoid price matching and convert sales by adding extra value and educating customers with our independent expert email content series
  • Create raving fan customers that don’t cancel and are retained all the way to installation
  • Move away from paid lead generation and towards referral based sales via your biggest fans
  • Revive dead leads and utilise your existing database of old customers
  • Build your brand by encouraging customer feedback, enhanced ratings and reviews
  • Create organic influencers by leveraging customers #1 psychological motivator

Email Autopilot enhances the customer experience

Let’s face it, most solar businesses don’t have the time or resources to follow up customers in a strategic and timely fashion. So, customers have poor first experiences and you lose them to competitors.

Our seamless series of automated, perfectly timed emails will be sent to your customer in 3 stages.

Email Autopilot’s 5 email journeys

Email Autopilot help you Nuture, Retain and Win Nuture, Retain and Win more customers

Sunfluence has created five unique and fully automated email journeys for your customers to go on. Journeys 1 to 3 are linked and sequential. They are designed to win the sale, keep the customer until installation without them getting buyers remorse, and generate new referral based sales. We help you create raving fans!

Sunfluence will even coach you on what makes a great referral incentive program that will result in increased residential referrals! And the best part is that the whole process is fully automated and set up by us.

1. Pre-Sales

This looks like it’s from us. Sunfluence will act as a trusted independent expert to educate your customer what to look for in going solar.

2. Pre-Installation

This looks like it from you. Your company will remind your customer that they’ve made an excellent decision and prepare them for installation.

3. Post-Installation

This looks like it from you. Your company will seek customer feedback, ratings, reviews, and referrals. And you’ll teach your customer how to get the most out of their solar system. You now have an ongoing relationship with them.

Email Autopilot's Revival series re-engages your exisiting customer database

Most solar businesses don’t follow up their old customers and utilise their existing database. What a waste of a great resource and a lost opportunity! That’s really under-appreciating all those great people who believed in you enough to buy from you. That’s not how you create raving fan customers…

To solve this issue Sunfluence’s seamless series of automated, perfectly timed emails will be sent to your existing customers on your database. Journeys 4 and 5 are distinct and not linked to any other email series. They specifically revive your old customers and prospects. We add value back to them again by providing timely, highly informative content that reignites interest to either get referral incentives from successful sales, or generate new sales from fence sitting customers. Both increase your sales revenue!

4. Old-Customers Revival

This looks like it’s from you. Revive and re-engage with your old customers you've already sold to. We will help you get back in touch with these "low-hanging fruit" existing database customers. We'll add value and create an ongoing relationship with them to create raving fans that refer new customers to you.

5. Old-Prospects Revival

This looks like it’s from you. Revive and re-engage with your old prospects that still haven't purchased. We will help you get back in touch with your "low-hanging fruit" existing database prospects, add value to them and create raving fans that buy from you.

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