Enhanced Customer Capture

How many potential customers are walking out on you before they’ve even contacted you?

Chances are more than half the visitors to your website leave before you even get a chance to say hello… let alone sell them anything.

All that money and effort you’ve invested in advertising, Google rank, a modern website…

And that money is down the drain whenever a potential customer leaves without contacting you.


Because you’re not offering them enough value to give you their contact details.

90% of solar websites make this crucial mistake! They don’t offer something valuable to the customer for free.

They don’t realise – If you’re not giving away something valuable, people won’t do business with you.


What to do

Everyone has seen the solution… and yet few have ‘gotten round’ to implementing it. 

The truth is, it requires some effort and expertise to do the following:

Create Great Content

Compose valuable content that people really want to read

Design inspiring Graphics

Get content graphically designed so it looks worth reading

Solve Customer's Key Issue

Pitch content on your website as solving the customer’s key problem

Integrate Contact Form

Integrate a contact form into your website, CRM, etc

Deliver Content

Deliver the content to your new prospective customer

Do Follow Up Emails

Drip-feed your customer a series of follow up emails (like Sunfluence’s Solar Autopilot platform)



The content you give away for free is your opportunity to establish yourself as the right solar company to do business with

Our Solution Implemented for You

Sunfluence has extensively researched, tested, and optimised high-performing customer engagement devices that convert visitors into prospects.

These quizzes, whitepapers, eBooks, and contact forms offer great value to your customer and to your business.

And best of all, we implement them for you.

To find out how to get customers to take action with you and not go to your competitors, contact us today!


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