How to get four sales out of every solar customer

In your ebook, did you read the golden nuggets for getting four sales out of every customer?

It’s the key to weaning yourself off lead generators fast, and growing your business profitably.

We summarise the key points for you here:

1. Get Feedback

It’s amazing how many solar companies don’t know the simple ways they can improve. Mostly because they don’t ask.

  • Most customers are too polite to make suggestions, but are happy, and indeed feel very valued, if you ask their opinion. 
  • A customer that feels valued is more likely to give you a favourable review and rating.
  • The feedback you get will help your business improve its processes, which will increase all of your reviews and ratings further.
  • Negative reviews and rating hurt a lot! Correcting a negative experience is likely to avoid a negative review, and possibly even generate a favourable one.

2. Get a Review and Rating

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but whenever we purchase something we’re not experts in, we do my research online. And what is most influential in that process? 

People’s reviews and ratings. 

It’s important to have a high star rating and lots of reviews which indicates social popularity. It’s also important to respond to each review – especially the odd negative review – as it’s an indication of good customer service and lets people know that if there’s a problem it will be resolved.

3. Get Referrals

You should aim for your business to get a huge amount of referrals. Customers who are referred are less likely to shop around, and are more likely to buy from you, even at a higher price.

You’re likely to get the most organic referrals immediately after the installation. You know, when your customer is excited about their system, is reading their solar production app every day, chatting with their neighbours about how they’re saving a fortune. 

But the afterglow will soon wear off, and people will forget about your referral incentive – unless you remind them! If you can psychologically link your referral incentive, and cadence of reminder, to their billing cycle, then it will be even more impactful. 

4. Give to Get

You can’t just keep gratuitously asking for more business, or keep asking people for favours, no matter how much they love you.That’s a great way to lose friends or trust with both business colleagues or potential new customers. It’s desperate.  

You’ve got to keep delivering extraordinary value, even after the installation is complete. 

Thankfully, you can automate that part of customer service, and integrate your request for feedback, ratings, reviews, and referrals.

Your value laden emails should cover:

  • A request for feedback, along with a compelling non-financial reason to give feedback.
  • A request for a rating & review, along with a compelling non-financial reason to give a rating and review.
  • An invitation to refer your business to friends and family, along with a compelling financial and non-financial reason to give a referral.
  • An invitation to refer your business to your customer’s workplace, along with a compelling financial and non-financial reason to give a referral.

Interspersed with content that gives extra value:

  • Making them feel great about what they’ve done.
  • How to read their electricity bill.
  • How to save even more money – without spending a cent

Sunfluence’s email automation series does all that, and more!




Our Services

Sunfluence makes your life easy whilst getting you sales and raving customers

Sunfluence improves your sales and helps you charge a higher price than your competition.

We do this by: 

  • Providing your website visitors via a compelling free eBook in exchange for their contact information. Those visitors automatically receive email follow-ups that warm them up to doing business with you.
  • Implementing an email autopilot system that:
    • Targets your long-old customers for upgrades, referrals, ratings, and reviews.
    • Targets your long-dead prospects for new sales.
    • As a trusted independent expert, automatically educates your prospects on what to look for in a solar company.
    • Keeps your customers excited between sale and installation, so they don’t back out.
    • As you complete installations, we automatically request feedback, ratings, reviews and referrals, providing valuable customer service along the way.

About Sunfluence

Sunfluence was founded by solar industry veterans Warwick Johnston, Russell French and Donovan Craig. Together we bring 38 years of combined experience in the solar market. Our primary purpose is to deliver global environmental benefit by enabling outstanding solar businesses to thrive.

We’re independent and solar industry experts.

  • Russell French is a veteran of the Australian solar industry of 17 years and an innovative business leader. He’s worked in leadership positions at Enphase, Sungrow, SunEmpire, Smart Energy Group, the City of Melbourne, and Red Energy.
  • Warwick Johnston has worked in solar since 2005, and founded SunWiz in 2009. He’s provided services to thousands of solar businesses, and held leadership positions within the CEC, Solar Victoria, SEIA, and a former incarnation of the SEC.
  • Donovan Craig is the managing director of Snapfrozen, a web software and systems and infrastructure company, specialising in online systems for the solar industry. As well as building software for Azure Wireless, Australian Associated Press, he’s developed PVsell and SolarPlus software, plus has built software solutions for dozens of solar businesses. 

Together we formed Sunfluence to help small to medium solar companies compete with businesses 10 times their size by nurturing, winning and retaining more customers.