The #2 profit resource that’s overlooked by most solar companies

Chances are, if you’ve got hundreds (or thousands) of happy customers, you’ve got three-to-four times as many leads you weren’t successful in winning. 

Sure, some of those customers went with another company. 

But the chances are, many didn’t proceed with solar power. They got distracted, went on holiday, had a family medical emergency, or bought a flat-screen TV instead. 

Chances are, you’re sitting on a database of thousands of people who may now be ready to buy a solar power system from you. This is your #2 Most-Overlooked Profit Resource – your database of long-dead prospects. It’s the low hanging fruit.

Time to Pick That Low-Hanging Juicy Apple

It’s time to mine the golden prospects in your database, to see if they’re ready to buy PV from you. Send them some emails. Make sure you’re offering them some value. It may take a few emails to warm them up. You could cover content such as this:

  • It’s been a while
  • There’s plenty of reasons you may not have proceeded
  • Solar makes a great deal of financial sense
  • Don’t waste another moment (or electricity billing cycle)
  • Solar is now mainstream. You’re missing out

The great thing is, after you’ve created this email automation, you can add new prospects that don’t proceed with a purchase (say 4 months after their initial enquiry), and low-effort sales will keep trickling in.

Your long-dead prospects are your #2 profit resource that’s probably being overlooked.

Sunfluence’s Email Autopilot targets your long-dead prospects with a well-crafted series of emails that revives old leads and leads to more sales.




Our Services

Sunfluence makes your life easy whilst getting you sales and raving customers

Sunfluence improves your sales and helps you charge a higher price than your competition.

We do this by: 

  • Providing your website visitors via a compelling free eBook in exchange for their contact information. Those visitors automatically receive email follow-ups that warm them up to doing business with you.
  • Implementing an email autopilot system that:
    • Targets your long-old customers for upgrades, referrals, ratings, and reviews.
    • Targets your long-dead prospects for new sales.
    • As a trusted independent expert, automatically educates your prospects on what to look for in a solar company.
    • Keeps your customers excited between sale and installation, so they don’t back out.
    • As you complete installations, we automatically request feedback, ratings, reviews and referrals, providing valuable customer service along the way.

About Sunfluence

Sunfluence was founded by solar industry veterans Warwick Johnston, Russell French and Donovan Craig. Together we bring 38 years of combined experience in the solar market. Our primary purpose is to deliver global environmental benefit by enabling outstanding solar businesses to thrive.

We’re independent and solar industry experts.

  • Russell French is a veteran of the Australian solar industry of 17 years and an innovative business leader. He’s worked in leadership positions at Enphase, Sungrow, SunEmpire, Smart Energy Group, the City of Melbourne, and Red Energy.
  • Warwick Johnston has worked in solar since 2005, and founded SunWiz in 2009. He’s provided services to thousands of solar businesses, and held leadership positions within the CEC, Solar Victoria, SEIA, and a former incarnation of the SEC.
  • Donovan Craig is the managing director of Snapfrozen, a web software and systems and infrastructure company, specialising in online systems for the solar industry. As well as building software for Azure Wireless, Australian Associated Press, he’s developed PVsell and SolarPlus software, plus has built software solutions for dozens of solar businesses. 

Together we formed Sunfluence to help small to medium solar companies compete with businesses 10 times their size by nurturing, winning and retaining more customers.