The single most important thing that successful solar companies DON’T do, that most other solar companies rely upon

Have you got to the bit in your ebook where we show you the single most important thing that successful solar companies DON’T do, that most other solar companies rely upon?

It’s the key to unlocking a profitable solar business.

Because most solar companies are stuck in an unhealthy relationship of dependency upon someone who wants you to remain dependent upon them. 

And by pinpointing the problem, you’ll be ready to take the first step to break free. 

And in doing so, you’ll stop having to lower your prices (and your pants) in order to win work.

How to stop lowering your prices to win jobs

When it comes to profitable solar sales, it all comes down to lead generation.

Purchase your leads from a lead generator and you’re automatically competing with two or more other solar companies. 

Chances are they’ve contacted the customer before you and have endeared them to their business with a smooth sales speech, so you’re already on the back foot. 

The customer is being bombarded with information they don’t understand… so they revert to the one thing they know – price! 

Instantly you’re engaged in a price war and whatever marginal profit you were hoping for erodes quickly as you engage in a reverse auction process. 

It’s heartbreaking… you didn’t even get the chance to distinguish yourself from your competitors! And on such wafer-thin margins it’s impossible to deliver outstanding service. 

Which means customer reviews that are at best lukewarm, and no follow on referral business.


It’s time to wean yourself off lead generators.

Don’t get me wrong, there can be a place for lead generators. When you’ve got your business set to auto-scale (using some of the tips in this e-book or our direct services), then a lead generator can act as a nice sales boost. Lead generators can fill gaps in business during quiet times. And some lead generators (SolarQuotes and SolarChoice for example) are better than others, though your returns may still be limited to your true potential

But let’s be clear. Lead generators only exist because, like many tradies, because solar retailers aren’t great at generating their own business through marketing. Which is a shame because it doesn’t take that much to wean yourself off them.

So, what do you have to do to wean yourself off lead generators?

Sunfluence can wean you off lead generators, so you can start charging what you’re worth.




Our Services

Sunfluence makes your life easy whilst getting you sales and raving customers

Sunfluence improves your sales and helps you charge a higher price than your competition.

We do this by: 

  • Providing your website visitors via a compelling free eBook in exchange for their contact information. Those visitors automatically receive email follow-ups that warm them up to doing business with you.
  • Implementing an email autopilot system that:
    • Targets your long-old customers for upgrades, referrals, ratings, and reviews.
    • Targets your long-dead prospects for new sales.
    • As a trusted independent expert, automatically educates your prospects on what to look for in a solar company.
    • Keeps your customers excited between sale and installation, so they don’t back out.
    • As you complete installations, we automatically request feedback, ratings, reviews and referrals, providing valuable customer service along the way.

About Sunfluence

Sunfluence was founded by solar industry veterans Warwick Johnston, Russell French and Donovan Craig. Together we bring 38 years of combined experience in the solar market. Our primary purpose is to deliver global environmental benefit by enabling outstanding solar businesses to thrive.

We’re independent and solar industry experts.

  • Russell French is a veteran of the Australian solar industry of 17 years and an innovative business leader. He’s worked in leadership positions at Enphase, Sungrow, SunEmpire, Smart Energy Group, the City of Melbourne, and Red Energy.
  • Warwick Johnston has worked in solar since 2005, and founded SunWiz in 2009. He’s provided services to thousands of solar businesses, and held leadership positions within the CEC, Solar Victoria, SEIA, and a former incarnation of the SEC.
  • Donovan Craig is the managing director of Snapfrozen, a web software and systems and infrastructure company, specialising in online systems for the solar industry. As well as building software for Azure Wireless, Australian Associated Press, he’s developed PVsell and SolarPlus software, plus has built software solutions for dozens of solar businesses. 

Together we formed Sunfluence to help small to medium solar companies compete with businesses 10 times their size by nurturing, winning and retaining more customers.